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A Night of Decadence, Bizarre Circus and Dark Cabaret

Saturday, 6th of April 2019

Doors: 22 h / Shows start: 23 h

Location: Ballhaus Berlin, Chausseestr. 102, 10115 Berlin

Cabaret Bizarre bids you welcome to its arcane tableau vivant, where the decadent spirit of an immortalized Weimar Republic Cabaret is about to be brought back to life with a very bizarre twist and unleashed onto its city of birth!


The Alchemist is coming with acid, fire and bowl

You feel his magic thrumming…he is here to steal your soul

A morbid fascination for all who do behold

Exquisite calcination will turn their hearts to gold

Live on stage:

Joe Black (London)

Exquisitely grotesque and melodically demonic; a dark star shining on a perverted planet.

Michiel van Leeuwen (Copenhagen)

Insanely entertaining and endearingly insane; your world will never be the same once you’ve entered his.

Divine Putain (Strasbourg)

Fearless, careless but never knowingly painless; art meets madness on the road to oblivion.

Nightmare Vani (Zurich)

A downward spiral of reckless pleasures your darkest subconscious thoughts could have never imagined…materializes!

Missy Macabre (London)

Beware this feisty temptress; although bathed in celestial glory, her bark is as fierce as her bite.

ReveRso (Berlin)

The creation myth of a megalomaniac marred on its own venom: a fetishist cannibal-of-self bound in love, loss, seduction, salvation, madness, prophecy and pain.

Prinz Basil (Zurich)

A graceful feline creature, escapes the confines of time and space with spectral aesthetics of the old cinema.

Winter James (London)

Operative diva, arcane priestess and cabaret matriarch…Let your longing eye wonder into the hidden desires of the soul.

And after the shows get down and dirty with DJ Bomb Boutique & Fabrice Noir & Lord Nevermore

Dress to impress! Be elegant! Be decadent! Be bizarre!

Absolutely no Casual Street Clothes! No Sneakers!

We reserve the right to refuse entry!

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